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Getting Started

If you are a first time entrepreneur or doing it again…
                                  planning is paramount

Our state-wide network offers several levels of “how to start” classes, from basic to very detailed. Links to municipal resources to get ready are below. We would be honored to take you through the business planning process to help eliminate surprises. We also work closely with regional business start-up mentors, incubators and accelerators to help your business compete. 

Topics covered include:

  • is entrepreneurship for you
  • deciding on a legal entity structure
  • basic accounting and tax issues
  • steps you need to take for permits and licensing
  • steps to develop a business plan and
  • basics of product, process and people to make your business work.

Putting it all Together

The four primary categories to consider for business success are:

1) the product or business concept

2) engaging your customers to transact and everything that goes into sales

3) the operations that support the transactions, and

4) the people and legal structures that support all of the above. 

We have a fun and enlightening process to uncover potential issues and discover opportunities. 

Business License Links by Locality:

City of Charlottesville

Albemarle County

Culpeper County

Fluvanna County

Greene County

Louisa County

Nelson County

Madison County

Orange County

Rappahannock County

Do you need to CLOSE?

The IRS provides guidance on this page.

If you are considering selling your business, give us a call to discuss logistics and valuation practices. 

Explore Start-Up Resources

We are happy to work with you through your start-up planning. We’ve also provided a host of resources to get you started.

Take 'How to Start a Business' Class (monthly on our Events page)

Join Community Investment Collaborative's Entrepreneurship Cohort

Attend ICAP to Build Your Customer-centric Business Plan

Meet with a SCORE mentor and check out their resources

Learn about writing a Business Plan (30 minute course through SBA)

Explore Legal Requirements for Small Business (30 min. SBA course)

How to Start for Young Entrepreneurs (30 minute SBA course)

An Introduction to Financing Options (30 min. SBA course)

Explore Sales and Customer Engagement (30 min. SBA course)

Watch our Online Marketing for Retailers program

Watch our Online Marketing for Service Businesses