Technology Resources

No matter where you are in your technology understanding, we can advise you on the best solutions for your business.

Understanding your Businesses Technology Requirements

CV SBDC offers many technical services to small businesses and startups that can help them build a better e-commerce website, refine their digital marketing approach, and improve their online sales. Click below for links to relevant resources. 

  • Bookkeeping Software (such as QuickBooks Online, Zoho, or Xero)
  • CRM Software (like Salesforce, HubSpot, or Keap)
  • Website Building Introduction (the four levels of website creation)
  • Website Analysis and Recommendations (SEO, Layout, and Communications)

Our Specialties

CV SBDC offers expert technology advice to small businesses and startups in the following areas:


Contact us today to setup an appointment with a technology specialist to talk about your businesses needs. 


Online communication is rapidly evolving and changing the way businesses interact with their customers. Learn how to harness the power of new tools to increase communication with your customer base.

Digital Marketing

We can guide you on finding new customers via social media, setting up online ads, and maximizing your online marketing budget. 


Learn how to setup a free online e-commerce store to sell your goods in. We can tell you how to manage your online inventory, create product descriptions, and respond to customer reviews. 

Website Building

Your businesses's website is its home online. You need a professional presentation and the features your customers expect to stand out from your competitors. Let us analyze your current website, and recommend improvements.

Emerging Technologies

Do you want to explore how the latest trends in technology can help give your business a boost? We can advise on the latest in digital currencies, to mobile app development, to the Internet of Things. 


We help technology startup entrepreneurs learn techniques necessary to create and launch a website or mobile app-based company. 


CV SBDC offers a wide range of pre-recorded bootcamps, which provide insight into the latest technology trends and platforms, and their implication for your business. Visit our calendar to get into fighting shape.

  • E-commerce
  • Online Customer Communications
  • Business Check-up, a visual exercise
  • Bookkeeping & Financial Management


Here you can access useful files and links.

How to Manage your WordPress Website Bootcamp

Pivoting to e-Commerce Sales Bootcamp

Website Building Considerations