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Financial and Market Research

CV SBDC curates research at no charge to entrepreneurs.

Our advisors work with companies to identify research needs, then tap into: local and national market research, financial research, industry reports and analysis. 

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Information you need, when you need it

Advisors may choose to access one or more of our research platforms to assist as you:

  • Develop a strategic or business plan
  • Conduct customer discovery or develops marketing and sales plan
  • Conduct location or population analysis
  • Prepare for M&A or exit
  • Prepare for acquisition of assets, including capital

SBDCNet provides small business research services to the entire 1,000+ member SBDC Network of Small Business Development Centers located in all 50 states, Guam and Puerto Rico. In partnership with CV SBDC, SBDCNet can produce a broad range of financial, market and demographic research reports customized to your client’s industry and geographic location. In addition to supporting small business entrepreneurs, SBDCNet now offers an array of products and services to support small to mid-size community development.

SBDCNet Market Research Services List

Business Plan Sample

Sample/model business plan for opening and operating a business.

Customer Profile

Description of the “Best Customer” for a product or service.


Population breakdowns for the specified location.

Business Licenses/Permits/Regulations

Resources/Links for local, state and federal licenses, permits and regulations as may apply.

Business Valuation

For SBDC clients interested in buying or selling a business. Provides data useful in assessing business value from authoritative sources. Includes valuation formulas, financial benchmarks, reports and rules of thumb.

Suppliers / Distributors / Wholesalers

List and/or sources of wholesalers, vendors or manufacturers.

Copyright, Patent and Trademark Information

Each term defined along with information on the filing fees, inventor assistance and contacts. Preliminary patent search available. Not all processes will be appropriate for all businesses. If you know which your client needs, please indicate in the “About the business section”.


Resources for inventors and information on prototypes.

GIS Report: Geography Comparison (Maps & Spreadsheets)

This analysis is used to compare the market characteristics of a series of zip codes. Study includes Annual Consumer Expenditures, Demographics, Psychographics and Thematic Maps. Requires specific zip codes. Competitor Mapping included upon request. Not available for Business to Business (B2B).

Psychographic Data

Lifestyle and interests for specific consumer segments. Not available for Business to Business (B2B) enterprises.


One who purchases a franchise and operates that location of the purchased business. Information and responsibilities related to franchisee purchase, terms of agreement, fees, etc.

GIS Report : Retail Opportunity Gap

Provides retail supply and demand figures as well as an opportunity gap analysis for a specified geography. This study defaults to the given zip code unless an alternative geography is requested. Not available for Business to Business (B2B).

Trade Association List

List of relevant associations and organizations.

Startup Costs

Related to establishing a new business.

Competitor List

List and/or sources of competitors in a specified location.

Financial Ratios

Financial benchmarks from authoritative sources.

Industry Overview and Trends

In-depth information and data from authoritative sources reflecting industry conditions and the latest trends.

GIS Report : Traffic Counts

Provides graphical representation of traffic count data collected and reported (where available) by state and municipal governments for selected areas. Requires specific intersection. Data not available for all areas. Format of report may vary by source.

Publications List

List of relevant journals, periodicals, etc.


The franchisor owns the overarching company, trademarks, and products, but gives the right to the franchisee to run the franchise location, in return for an agreed-upon fee. Information and responsibilities related to the franchisor, terms or agreement, fees, etc.

GIS Report: Ring Study Analysis (Maps & Spreadsheets)

Defaults to a 1, 3, 5 mile radius. Study includes Competitor Mapping, Annual Consumer Expenditures, Demographics, Psychographics and Thematic Maps. Requires a street address or intersection. Specific mileage can be requested. Not available for Business to Business (B2B).

Market Statistics

A breakdown of markets by industry to show size, standards and sales figures.

GIS Report: Drive Time Analysis (Maps & Spreadsheets)

Defaults to 5, 10, 15 minute drive times where drive time refers to the time it takes to drive from one location to the target business. Study includes Competitor Mapping, Annual Consumer Expenditures, Demographics, Psychographics and Thematic Maps. Requires a street address or intersection. Specific minutes can be requested. Not available for Business to Business (B2B).

Trade Shows List

List and/or sources of trade shows of interest.

Ibis World provides insights, comprehensive data and in-depth analysis in thousands of industries around the globe. Information is provided by industry and country as well as US State economic profiles. CV SBDC can access many of these reports at no charge to clients.

ProfitCents provides valuable financial data to evaluate the health of the business and how it compares to industry trends. These insights allow entrepreneurs to make better financial decisions and identify potential opportunities for improvement.

ProfitCents aggregates financial statements from accounting firms, banks, and credit unions through a cooperative data model.

  • More than 1,400 industries
  • 60 ratios and metrics
  • Easy insight into industry trends

Growth Wheel is more of a business management tool than a source of researched information. However, it is full of useful content and considerations for the many categories of need growing businesses must consider.

The GrowthWheel framework is used to start structured conversations about a business, and helps the entrepreneur identify opportunities and challenges of the company. The framework helps find blind spots and identify the most important focus areas within the business. The wheel serves as the main checklist for what steps to take next. GrowthWheel was designed around the observation that all businesses – in all industries and life stages – have four lasting challenges in common: They must create an attractive Business Concept, build a strong Organization behind it, develop lasting Client Relations, and do so while maintaining profitable Operations.

GrowthWheel breaks down the 4 challenges into 20 Focus Areas. This gives a 360° view on business decisions and maps out action plans.