Engaging Customers

Sales approach is the step by step proposition, developed by a salesperson or a company, to make the process of selling more effective. However, several factors come into play prior to sales success.

Without knowing your ICP (ideal customer profile) even the best sales tactics can fall short.
Let us help you target your product or service, customers, and communicate and engage with those that will lead your business to its highest and best use.

Ideal Customer Profile

  • What customer is motivated for multiple reasons?
  • Do they have authority to purchase?
  • Can they purchase repeatedly and in volume?
  • What is your ROI on that type of customer?
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Product/Service Definition

Product definitions speak to the customer. Are your communications resonating with your target customers? Does that change among locations, markets, sales platforms?

Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

The customers that optimize your return on investment (customer acquisition cost vs. revenue) are often those that achieve the highest and best use of your product or service AND have purchasing decision power.

Multi-factor Motivation to Purchase

Financial transactions occur for due to multiple motivations. Emotional, first mover, financial gain, social gain and more. Understanding motivations and appealing to those drive sales.

Target Customers

Who do you think wants your product/service? When and how do they purchase? Why are they your target customer?


Transactions occur across multiple channels, and finding customers in the environment in which they engage is key.

Comfort & Security

Trust in conducting transactions and comfort in the buying environment open the door to customer engagement. Communications should consider quality, caution and respect.

Links to useful resources

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