Access to Capital

All businesses evolve over time. One constant is the need for capital. The right capital can achieve growth, job creation and accomplished mission and vision while inadequate preparation can result in catastrophic losses.

Feel free to explore options, below, under which literally, hundreds of sources for capital exist. OR, it would be our pleasure to work with you to find, evaluate and prepare for receipt of capital. Follow this link to connect with one of our financial experts.

Categories to consider are:

Friends & Family

Loans or equity-based capital, often used in the early life of the business from supporters of the entrepreneur. May include crowd funding.

Loans and Lines of Credit

Useful for building a credit foundation for the business, for a wide range of business needs.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Sale or acquisition of all or part of a business to gain cash or access to distribution channels or other assets. Requires professional M&A assistance.

Revenue Sharing

A strategic approach in which operating profits are split between two or more businesses aligned to meet a customer need.

Equity Capital (Angel and Venture)

Capital for businesses designed to achieve significant growth. 

Strategic Alliances

Sources of capital or access to assets with other companies.

Cash Flow Manipulation

Optimizing use of accounts payable, receivable and supplier terms to improve accessible cash for operations.

Initial Public Offerings

Taking the company public to capture capital. Significant regulatory and reporting requirements.


Available for research and development or businesses located in target areas or working in targeted industries.