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Dan Myers

Dan Myers

ICAP Mentor
Specialities: ICAP Mentor specializing in high-growth, innovation-based ventures


Dan’s area of focus is high growth companies that are innovation-based. Prior to joining ICAP, Dan served as the Managing Director of Lighthouse Labs and co-developed the Lighthouse University Initiative. Dan was the Founding Director of Runway, an innovation hub in San Francisco, where he led startup acceleration yielding 53 exits in 5 years, as well as corporate innovation for Fortune 500 partners. In addition to his ICAP role, Dan is the Co-Founder & Managing Director of 42Phi Ventures and invests in startups aligned with the firm’s mission to equalize access to wealth creation and desegregate capital.

Additionally, Dan built U.S. partnerships for China’s $50B Didi Chuxing, advised Portugal Ventures’ $500M fund, and worked to grow the Extreme Tech Challenge into one of the largest startup competitions in the world, with finalists pitching to Sir Richard Branson at his Necker Island home.