Grants, Loans, and Conservation Opportunities for Virginia Farmers and Agribusiness

Webinar presented October 26, 2022

Hosted by the Central Virginia Small Business Development Center and Culpeper County Department of Economic Development

Virginia agricultural producers and agribusiness enjoy a host of grants, loans, and conservation support not available to other industries. If you work with farmers, agribusiness, or value-added product producers, you don’t want to miss this webinar. The Directors of Virginia’s major agricultural programs will discuss in detail each grant, loan, and conservation opportunity offered by their Agency. 


Joe Boatwright, Director, Business and Cooperative Programs Rural Development | United States Department of Agriculture

Velma Lakins, Acting Lead Grants Management Specialist, Transportation and Marketing Program, Grants Division, USDA, Agricultural Marketing Service

Stephen Versen, Manager, Office of Agriculture and Forestry Development, Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Patrick Vincent, Assistant State Conservationist (Programs), USDA-NRCS Tony Banks, Senior Assistant Director, Agriculture, Development and Innovation Department Virginia Farm Bureau Federation, Virginia Foundation for Agriculture, Innovation and Rural Sustainability

James M. Dunn, Acting Farm Program Chief, Virginia State Farm Service Agency


Mary Foley, Business Advisor, Central Virginia Small Business Development Center

Webinar recording

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