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Central Virginia training events incorporate instructors from our own staff, leading experts, and regional professional resource partners.  We offer business training from early skill development to technical expertise in advanced topics.

Registration is required and occasionally small fees are charged. Our calendar lists regional small business trainings and events from community partners to connect you to resources across Central Virginia and from our state SBDC network.

Workshops we offer on a regular basis include:

  • How to Start a Business
  • Selling to the Government: Federal, State, Local
  • E-commerce / Online Communications
  • Bookkeeping and Financial Tech Tools
  • Access to Capital (various topics)
  • Business Health Check-up / GrowthWheel

Our Most Popular 2020 Programs

We customize programs for your business NOW. Don’t see what you need? Check our calendar and let us know – we are here to serve entrepreneurs. 

Customer Discovery Cohort, several times/year

Monthly technical expert program with C'ville Chamber

Selling to the Federal Government, quarterly

Industry group forums, by demand

State Contracting, several times/year

How to Start Your Business, monthly

E-commerce and Online Customer Engagement, by demand

Summer Intern Program w UVA Career Services and rural counties

Varied Business Topics, on demand